Christopher’s Picks: Week 3


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns!

Week 2 is always the hardest to pick, as my 7-9 record shows. I’m now 18-14 on the season. Here’s who I like this week:

New York Giants over Washington

Though the records said otherwise, I had no doubts about New York winning here. Blowing two leads of 10 points or more also means that you held ten-point leads.

Atlanta over Dallas

The Cwoboys have no business winning this game, so their chances of winning are pretty good. Realistically though, it’s hard enough to win without Dez Bryant. Had Philadelphia not ruined every opportunity they were given last week, they could have won it. Good luck outscoring the Atlanta offense with Romo on the sidelines.

Indianapolis over Tennessee

The Colts have to be excited to face a division opponent this week. Since drafting Andrew Luck in 2012, they’re 16-2 against the rest of the AFC South and have won 13 straight. After two poor performances against two great defenses, they should revert back to their winning ways.

Oakland over Cleveland

I hope someone makes a 30 for 30 documentary on the McCown brothers. No matter how mediocre they play, they always end up getting another shot with a new team. Josh is now with his ninth NFL team and despite being two weeks removed from this, he gets the call to start today. I’m not on the Derek Carr/Amari Cooper bandwagon after Oakland’s win last week, but their future looks much brighter than what’s going on in Ohio right now.

Baltimore over Cincinnati

We’ve seen two weeks of pretty good Andy Dalton and it’s been a joy to watch. We’re due bad Andy pretty soon.

New England over Jacksonville

Unless the Jaguars figure out a way to stop Rob Gronkowski, New England should cruise.

Philadelphia over New York Jets

Consider this a battle between two conflicting thoughts: even if you don’t think the Eagles are bad (which I don’t), they shouldn’t be staring at an 0-3 record. The opposite is true with New York. Weak schedule aside, they could win their third straight today with their best quarterback on the sidelines. Yes, I’m talking about Geno Smith.

Carolina over New Orleans

Speaking of the marvelous McCown brothers, Luke —€” better known as the guy from the Verizon commercial €—” starts in place of the injured Drew Brees today. This is only Luke’s fifth NFL team, but unlike his brother, he’s thrown just one pass since 2012. Sean Payton would love to see the backup come in and operate the Saints offense efficiently, but conventional wisdom says otherwise.

Houston over Tampa Bay

With his nightmare debut behind him, it looks like Jameis Winston won’t be the worst quarterback of all-time after all. Whether the team around him, specifically the offensive line, can adequately help out is another story. J.J. Watt had a relatively quiet day against Carolina last week. He won’t be silenced two weeks in a row.

Minnesota over San Diego

It felt like we were seeing the full potential of the Vikings offense last week with Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater playing as well as they did. They’re hosting another excellent quarterback/running back duo of Philip Rivers and rookie Melvin Gordon. I like Minnesota at home more.

Pittsburgh over St. Louis

Ben Roethlisberger has the Steelers offense operating at insanely high level over the first two weeks. Now they add running back Le’Veon Bell back into the mix. If the great Rams defensive line can’t pressure Ben early, they’re in for a long one.

Arizona over San Francisco

In case you had forgotten, a healthy Carson Palmer is still a good Carson Palmer. And an Arizona team that went 6-0 with Palmer as a starter last year is a dangerous one. They start the season against three struggling teams, but people may be overlooking the Arizona Cardinals again.

Buffalo over Miami

The Miami Dolphins bandwagon has come and gone already, but they may not be as bad as people think. Yes, they kept it close against two mediocre teams so far, but they could still carve out a decent season. That being said, Buffalo should drop them to 1-2.

Seattle over Chicago

Jimmy Clausen steps in to face an 0-2 Seattle team in their home opener. I don’t envy him one bit.

Denver over Detroit

As strange as it sounds, this is a matchup featuring two of the worst quarterbacks in football so far. And their records speak to how this game will probably go. Denver is winning in spite of Peyton Manning, while Detroit is floundering with a bad Matthew Stafford.

Green Bay over Kansas City

The Chiefs will need to take chances in order to beat Green Bay on the road. Too bad Alex Smith is under center.


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