Christopher’s Picks: Week 2


Aaron Donald: the best player you don’t know about. Yet.

Last week, I went 11-5. Not a bad start to the season. I may not be so lucky this week.

Denver over Kansas City

The pick was right, but that ending was impossible to predict. If Peyton Manning can keep up his 2nd half play, Denver may be the best team in the league.

Pittsburgh over San Francisco

It should be another great game for Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense, but the real key is their defense. Carlos Hyde had a breakout performance for last weekend and could keep the Niners in the game.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay

It was just one week, but I feel confident saying that Jameis Winston will have a long rookie season. He struggled mightily, but the offensive line gave did him no favors. Expect a similar result in the Superdome.

Minnesota over Detroit

Based off Week 1, this pick doesn’t make any sense. But if Adrian Peterson can return to his old form, this will be a different Vikings team. If he can’t, expect a tough outing from Teddy Bridgewater.

Arizona over Chicago

They put up a good fight last week against Green Bay, but Chicago is still a work in progress on defense. And offense for that matter; Alshon Jeffery sits today.

Houston over Carolina

It’ll be interesting to see how Carolina’s defense plays without Luke Kuechly and how they deal with J.J. Watt on offense. I’m not optimistic.

New England over Buffalo

We need to pump the brakes just a tad on the Buffalo hype train. The defense is as advertised, but the jury’s still out on Tyrod Taylor replicating last week’s performance. As much as I want to go Buffalo, I need to see more from their offense.

San Diego over Cincinnati

Don’t let their Week 1 performance fool you: Cincinnati is still madly inconsistent. All aboard the Andy Dalton Coaster!

Tennessee over Cleveland

Marcus Mariota gets a second favorable QB matchup, with Johnny Manziel getting the start for Cleveland. His passer rating won’t be perfect again, but Tennessee should do enough to win.

Atlanta over New York Giants

This depends on which Atlanta offense shows up. If a rejuvenated Roddy White and capable running attack join Matt Ryan, they should do enough here. If one or both of them go missing, problems will arise.

St. Louis over Washington

Todd Gurley’s NFL debut will have to wait another week, but Tre Mason will make his season debut in the Rams backfield. Washington is without DeSean Jackson for the foreseeable future, making Kirk Cousins‘s job that much harder. At least he’ll get to meet Aaron Donald, star of the GIF at the top of the page.

Miami over Jacksonville

Until further notice, I won’t explain Jacksonville picks.

Baltimore over Oakland

See Jacksonville pick.

Philadelphia over Dallas

Dez Bryant‘s injury looms large here. Without him, the Cowboys receivers have a much smaller advantage over Philadelphia’s defensive backs. Jason Witten may stand to benefit, but the team may suffer in the process.

Green Bay over Seattle

If one team could overcome the loss of two key offensive players (Jordy Nelson and Bryan Bulaga) and win a huge game, it would be the Packers. Although Seattle is the more talented team, Green Bay could will themselves to a home win.

Indianapolis over New York Jets

Fairly certain that indy wins, but the play of Ryan Fitzpatrick is something to watch for a few reasons. If he plays well, the Jets could have a tough choice between Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith. Likewise, the Colts defense shouldn’t be outplayed by Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Fitzpatrick in consecutive weeks. It’s a concern, but not a deal breaker.


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