Christopher’s Picks: Week 10

Now that every team is at least halfway through the regular season, here’s a tip for the final eight weeks: whenever you think you have a team figured out, think again.

Remember what the NFL landscape looked like to start the season? If not, let me refresh your memory:

  1. Seattle earned a blowout win over Green Bay, in which Percy Harvin and Richard Sherman helped solidify Seattle’s status as “repeat champions”.
  2. Tom Brady and the Patriots looked abysmal on offense and were promptly written off. Same with Pittsburgh.
  3. Philadelphia went down 17-0 at home against Jacksonville, which meant either the Jags were the ultimate sleeper team of 2014 or Nick Foles was who we thought he was (not a “27 TD-2 INT” type QB).
  4. Dallas looked like a team that wouldn’t come close to 4-12, let alone 8-8.
  5. Carolina won their first two games (and one without Cam Newton, at that).
  6. New Orleans lost to Atlanta. The Falcons are back! The Saints are regressing!
  7. Cincinnati looked like the best team in football three weeks in.

Entering Week 10, nearly all of this has changed.

Seattle is struggling mightily on offense. Percy Harvin is a Jet. Brady has turned it around in a big way. Rob Gronkowski looks unstoppable. The Jags are who we thought they were. The Eagles lead the NFC East. Dallas is a game behind. Carolina tied the Bengals and lost a bunch of other games. The Saints are starting to run away with the NFC South. Atlanta is far behind. Cincinnati is days removed from one of their worst games in recent memory.

And those are just a few examples. Arizona has the best record in the NFL. Detroit is 6-2. Cleveland is 6-3. The season has gone off the rails.

But there’s still plenty of time for teams to slip up or turn it around.


I didn’t get around to publishing last week’s picks, but I do make them days in advance. Here’s how I did:

New Orleans over Carolina, Cleveland over Tampa Bay, Arizona over Dallas, Philadelphia over Houston, Kansas City over New York Jets, Cincinnati over Jacksonville, San Diego over Miami, Minnesota over Washington, San Francisco over St. LouisDenver over New England, Seattle over Oakland, Pittsburgh over Baltimore, Indianapolis over New York Giants

Record (Week): 9-3

Record (Season): 74-44

BROADCAST MAPS (via 506 Sports)

Dallas and Jacksonville’s London game kicks off with the rest of the 1pm games, which is a shame. I really loved the 9:30am start time for Detroit-Atlanta a few weeks back that gave us doubleheaders on Fox and CBS though. Hopefully they go back to that for the 2015 London games.

Anyway, Hampton Roads gets Pittsburgh-NY Jets for some reason (over Miami-Detroit? Really) for the early CBS game, San Francisco-New Orleans for the early Fox game, and NY Giants-Seattle for the late Fox game.


Cincinnati over Cleveland

Kansas City over Buffalo

Detroit over Miami

Dallas over Jacksonville

New Orleans over San Francisco

Baltimore over Tennessee

Pittsburgh over New York Jets

Tampa Bay over Atlanta

Denver over Oakland

Arizona over St. Louis

Seattle over New York Giants

Green Bay over Chicago

Philadelphia over Carolina


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