College Football Viewing Guide: Week 6

The college football season�began about a month and a half ago, but�I consider this weekend’s slate of games the real “Week One”.

Week 1 proper always brings its share of ranked games�at neutral sites. This year, we even got a ranked SEC clash thrown in for good measure. But once you dig below the surface, you see a lot of scheduled “tune-up” games. Arizona State beats up on Weber State, Michigan State crushes Jacksonville State, so on and so forth.

Week 5 is where a number of teams stop�their non-conference cakewalk and start to face conference foes. But even with a Thursday night Pac-12 draw, on paper, it was still a little light on marquee matchups.

This is the week where the training wheels come off and teams get into the brunt of their conference schedules. No more Western Illinois. No more Murray State. No more Kent State. From here on out, we’re up to our necks in great college football games.

So you’ll�probably need a guide to keep up with it all.


Arizona vs�No. 2 Oregon (10:30pm, ESPN)


Utah State vs No. 18 BYU (10:15pm, ESPN)


No. 6 Texas A&M vs No. 12 Mississippi State (12pm, ESPN)

No. 20 Ohio State vs Maryland (12pm, ABC)

No. 3 Alabama vs No. 11 Ole Miss (3:30pm, CBS)

No. 4 Oklahoma vs No. 25 TCU (3:30pm, Fox)

No. 14 Stanford vs No. 9 Notre Dame (3:30pm, NBC)

No. 7 Baylor vs Texas (3:30pm, ABC)

No. 17 Wisconsin vs Northwestern (3:30pm, ESPN 2)

No. 15 LSU vs No. 5 Auburn (7pm, ESPN)

Arizona State vs No. 16 USC (7:30pm, Fox)

No. 19 Nebraska vs No. 10 Michigan State (8pm, ABC)


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