Christopher’s Picks: Week 2

Last week I went 10-6. Not a bad first week at all. Here are my picks for this week:

Baltimore over Pittsburgh

Thought about changing the pick before I made it Sunday night. Glad I didn’t now. They haven’t had the best week by any means, but Baltimore is still  the better team here.

Miami over Buffalo

Neither team will have an easier go of it this week than they had last week, but I think that hurts Buffalo the most. I think the Dolphins stifle the Bills rushing attack and pressure E.J. Manuel often on their way to a second win.

Washington over Jacksonville

Don’t let Jacksonville’s first half against the Eagles last week fool you: Washington struggled against Houston in Week 1, but Jaguars are a different kind of bad. Washington should handle them.

Dallas over Tennessee

The Cowboys defense was what we thought they were last week. The offense wasn’t that great either. Meanwhile, the Titans looked strong on both sides of the ball and opened with a 26-10 win over Kansas City. I think their defense will impress again this week (really excited to see Jason McCourty matched up against Dez Bryant), but one area Dallas excels at is staying in the mix. They win a close one.

New England over Minnesota

One more time: New England rarely looks that bad. Minnesota rarely looks that good. Could be the start of something, but I’m still a little suspect. Tom Brady stays upright this week and the defense schemes better. Especially with no Adrian Peterson to worry about.

Arizona over New York Giants

Eli Manning and the Giants struggled against Detroit on Monday night and I expect them to do the same against Arizona.

New Orleans over Cleveland

The Saints were torched last week on defense, but their opposition this week isn’t nearly as potent as Atlanta was.

Detroit over Carolina

Still a little reticent about Cam Newton and how well he performs in his first regular season game.

Cincinnati over Atlanta

The Falcons earned a huge win last week behind Matt Ryan. Cincinnati’s defense is better than the Saints’, however, and I doubt they play anywhere near as badly.

Tampa Bay over St. Louis

Both teams got off to a rough start at home — though the Rams were completely blown out. The final score may be closer than people think, but I have a few doubts about the Rams defense now, especially in the secondary. And if they can’t stop the Bucs, their offense certainly won’t keep pace.

Seattle over San Diego

Really interested in seeing how Philip Rivers plays against the Seahawks defense. I think he can make some plays, but not enough to outscore Seattle’s offense.

Houston over Oakland

That “egregiously bad” category that Jacksonville’s in? Oakland is right there with them.

Green Bay over New York Jets

The Jets secondary had a decent day last week against Oakland. Good luck duplicating that against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers though.

Denver over Kansas City

Things aren’t looking good for Kansas City. Linebacker Derrick Johnson is already out for the season, which puts a huge dent in their front seven. The secondary is still in shambles. And if teams can bottle up Jamaal Charles on offense, Alex Smith doesn’t look like he can fill the void. Denver should cruise.

San Francisco over Chicago

Some saw the Niners’ play during the preseason and wondered if they’d regress this season. They still might, but starting the season against the Cowboys and Bears defenses is a blessing. I’m almost certain that they start 2-0.

Philadelphia over Indianapolis

A bit of a surprise maybe, but I don’t have much confidence in the Colts on defense. Not that I truly believe in the Eagles offense (Nick Foles had a bad outing last week), but they can move the ball against Indianapolis. The key will be Andrew Luck vs. the Eagles defense, and Philly actually has the players to win it.

Record (Week): 10-6

Record (Season): 20-12


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