Christopher’s Picks: Super Bowl XLVIII

I’m going to make this one quick:

  • Since Richard Sherman tipped Colin Kapernick’s endzone pass into the hands of Malcolm Smith, it seems like we’ve been talking more about meaningless storylines (Richard Sherman’s post-game comments, Marshawn Lynch‘s lack of comments, the weather forecast), as opposed to the actual game.  Not that it’s a surprise, really. The Super Bowl is the most media-saturated sports event that we have in America and basing it in the most bustling city in the world did little to help that.
  • It’s a shame though, because this is one of the best Super Bowl matchups we’ve seen in awhile. Five hours away from kickoff and I’m still not set on a winner. I started with Denver, but I’ve changed my mind at least six times in the last two weeks. So while I was pretty certain about Denver beating New England, this pick will be made with very little confidence.
  • One common talking point I’ve heard all week is that Seattle is the better team. I disagree. They’re great defensively, just as Denver’s offense is one of the best we’ve ever seen. But Seattle’s offense really hasn’t played well this postseason. Outside of two long Marshawn Lynch TD runs, Russell Wilson and the passing game have looked very average. Denver’s defense  struggled at times during the season, but have looked pretty solid during the playoffs, especially stopping the run.
  • That’s one of my key matchups today. Can Marshawn Lynch get going against Terrance Knighton and the Denver run defense? If not, can Russell Wilson make enough plays to keep it close?
  • The key players for both teams are receivers. For Seattle, it’s the oft-injured Percy Harvin. His ability to line up in the backfield as well as out wide will be crucial for Seattle. Denver’s Wes Welker and Julius Thomas will likely play a big role for Denver if they want to win as well. Welker’s drag routes and Thomas’s pass-catching ability from the tight end position are a great way to counter the Seattle secondary.

I’m going with Denver. I think that Peyton Manning and the offense will score enough points in the end to pull away from Seattle. It won’t be easy though. Peyton will likely be sacked for the first time this postseason and throw a pick or two. Keep in mind that the only time Manning and this defense have seen one another was during the preseason, so there’s no telling how this will go. But this is more of a pick for Denver as a team, as it is for just their offense.

But I honestly couldn’t care less about who wins. We’ll either see a Super Bowl ring for one of the best offense we’ve ever seen or one for the best franchises around as far as player development goes (Seattle).


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