Weekly Football Features

Just wanted to pass along a little update of the posts that everyone can expect on the site each week. I finally have NFL Game Rewind for the 2013 season, which was really the missing piece to my full football coverage.

The week will start off as most did last season, with the College Football Viewing Guide. I’ll highlight the best college football games of the week and give you enough for a full day of couch-sitting. Expect to see a new Viewing Guide every Friday night-Saturday morning.

Of course, Christopher’s Picks will also be a weekly feature. With a little more time now, I’ll also be able to write a little more before making the picks toward the end. Usually out sometime during Saturday night.

Now for two new features I’m working on this season:

Weekly Recap is just that: a recap of the week in the NFL. Since I wait until all games that week are played and my Tuesdays are pretty packed, the Weekly Recap should be out on Wednesdays.

This last feature is the one that’s been holding things up so far. The most notable aspect of NFL Game Rewind is the ability to watch coaches’ film of each game (also called “All-22”, since all 22 players are within view the entire play). For now, I’ll just call the feature All-22 and in it, I’ll break down different plays or players that caught my attention the past week. I’ll also link some of my favorite breakdowns by other sportswriters. All-22 will likely be published around Thursday or Friday each week.

Now that I have everything in place, I’m really excited about the depths that I can go with these articles. I’ll start things off with the College Football Viewing  Guide tomorrow.


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