Christopher’s Picks: Week 3

Jumping right into the picks this week. Last week was another great one (13-3), bringing my record to 24-8 through two weeks. More tough choices this week though. The luck will run out eventually.

Kansas City over Philadelphia

After their 2012 seasons, either team being 3-0 after this game is a huge story. The focus will be on Philly’s defense, but the Kansas City defense has playmakers all around ,something which (understandably) went unnoticed last year.

Green Bay over Cincinnati

Passing-wise, Cincinnati can hang with Green Bay. And on defense, they can certainly get to Aaron Rodgers. But beating them? That’s a whole different story.

Dallas over St. Louis

Should be an entertaining game and could honestly go either way, but I’m leaning Dallas. St. Louis’s secondary is slightly average in pass coverage and Cortland Finnegan should continue to struggle against Dez Bryant and Miles Austin.

New York Giants over Carolina

A battle of two winless teams that have disappointed thus far. Eli Manning and the Giants have turnover issues, but they’ve come against two opportunistic secondaries. Carolina’s is nothing of the sort and will be gashed numerous times today.

San Diego over Tennessee

Tennessee’s a Houston comeback away from being 2-0, but the Chargers are playing great football as well. I like what Phillip Rivers is doing with a less than reputable cast.

Minnesota over Cleveland

Minnesota crashing back down to Earth is no surprise. Keep in mind, that they were 6-6 before beginning their push to the playoffs last season. Their formula should be widely known by now: letting Adrian Peterson loose and limiting turnovers. They’ve done neither through two games.

But Cleveland isn’t on a much better path. They played Baltimore just as well as one could at home last week and still came up short. And with their surprise trade of Trent Richardson mid-week, it almost seems like they’re playing for 2014 already.

New England over Tampa Bay

It won’t be pretty (nothing New England has done this season has been), but they’ll find a way once again.

New Orleans over Arizona

The Saints defense has improved exponentially from last year and that’s what I think this game will come to. If they can frustrate Carson Palmer early, Drew Brees and the offense could run away with it.

Detroit over Washington

Let’s hope that Robert Griffin III is ready to run. The Lions defensive line should apply pressure early and often.

Houston over Baltimore

No Ray Rice is a smaller problem than most people believe (Bernard Pierce is talented in his own right), but the Ravens offense, as a whole, still has its issues.

Miami over Atlanta

Upset pick? Maybe. I’m not high on Atlanta so far and Ryan Tannehill has started strong this season. All of the ingredients are there.

New York Jets over Buffalo

Run effectively, play good defense, limit turnovers, and you can win games. That’s what I see New York doing today.

San Francisco over Indianapolis

Two great young quarterbacks will be under center in Colin Kaepernick and Andrew Luck, but only one team here is the real deal (Hint: it’s not Indy)

Seattle over Jacksonville

Come on.

Chicago over Pittsburgh

Ike Taylor vs. Brandon Marshall should be an interesting matchup to watch, but with both defenses struggles through two games, it will be on the offenses to rack up as many points as they can.

Advantage: Chicago.

Denver over Oakland

Come on.

Record (Week): 11-5

Record (Season): 35-13


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