UFC Ladder: May 2013

When I put out the first UFC Ladder last year, my intent was to update the rankings every month. But soon after, I realize how impractical that was. Simply put, every weight class doesn’t  have marquee fights each month, so I wanted each ladder update to reflect actual change. So after updating a few weight classes in February, here we are again.

While every ladder update may not be three months in between one another, I certainly wouldn’t expect the next update to come before August. I want to put out ladder updates as the UFC begins a break from title fights, as they are for the month of May. And judging by the schedule of future events (though largely unannounced), the beginning of October seems like a good spot at the moment.

But all of that will be sorted out in the coming months. This month, every weight class has been updated, including the flyweight division for the first time. Also of note is that the entire ladder will now be in one post, because the whole eight separate posts thing was a huge hassle.

We’ll begin with heavyweight…


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