NFL Draft Trends


With the NFL Draft being one of the biggest sporting events of the year, I was hoping to have more draft-related posts leading up to the first day. But seeing as scouting reports take loads of time and effort (and good ones also require knowledge on scouting), I decided to forgo them. Besides, the scouting process ranks up there with meteorology when it comes to inexact sciences.

But to ignore the buildup to the draft altogether would be senseless. So since I am more interested in how teams tend to pick as opposed to how good players are, that is the premise of the mini-series that I’ll be posting over the next week, called “NFL Draft Trends”.

It’s an analysis of the first round of every NFL Draft, by position, since 1990. Why only the first round? Because in all honesty, that’s all that about 90% of football fans watch religiously or even care about (despite the fact that the best teams pride themselves on finding value throughout the draft). The NFL realized this in 2011, when they finally separated the first round from the second and third and made it a primetime event.

But the first round does more than just showcase the best players available. On a whole, it provides a great idea of how much the league values certain positions over the other. And that’s what I’m concerned about the most. So in each post, which again is broken down by position, you can expect:

  • How often players at said position are drafted in the first round, with emphasis on recent years to show how the position is trending as of late. We’re in the midst of a pretty significant shift regarding X’s and O’s, and I’ll do my best to reflect that.
  • I’ll then use this information to gauge how many players at the position could be selected in the first round. Though the draft is only 11 days away, a general consensus is only just now being formed by scouts and draft analysts. A lot could still change between now and next Thursday.
  • Then I’ll get into the specific players who will likely be selected in the first round at the position. When breaking down the players’ strengths and weaknesses, I’ll use excerpts from some of my most highly-regarded draft analysts. You can check out their full websites in the blogroll on the side of the page.

Of course, I’ll include a few other things in the articles as well. Take a look at the full schedule of analyses below and I hope to see you again on Thursday.

Thursday (April 18): Quarterbacks

Friday (April 19): Running Backs

Saturday (April 20): Receivers & Tight Ends

Sunday (April 21) : Offensive Linemen

Monday (April 22): Defensive Linemen

Tuesday (April 23): Linebackers

Tuesday (April 23): Defensive Backs


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