Christopher’s Picks: NCAA Tournament Third Round (Sunday)

Completely forgot to post these. Had them saved as a draft though, so here you go.

(2) Ohio State over (7) Iowa State (12:15pm, CBS)

(1) Indiana over (9) Temple (2:45pm, CBS)

(1) Kansas over (8) North Carolina (5:15pm, CBS)

(3) Florida over (11) Minnesota (6:10pm, TNT)

Minnesota beating UCLA was no surprise, but that Gators defense is no joke.

(15) Florida Gulf Coast over (7) San Diego State (7:10pm, TBS)

Remember when I said physicality over finesse? Forget I said that. This Eagles team is exciting to watch. I hope they advance.

(13) La Salle over (12) Ole Miss (7:40pm, truTV)

(2) Miami-FL over (7) Illinois (8:40pm, TNT)

The guard play will be key here, and it’s hard for me to go against Shane Larkin and Durand Scott.

(2) Duke over (7) Creighton (9:40pm, CBS)

Both teams can shoot from deep and put up points. I expect Duke’s defense to slow down Doug McDermott enough to pull of the win.


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