Spring/Summer Features

As you’ve probably noticed, the site has been quiet since the Super Bowl. It’s no secret that football is my preferred sport, so over the last month, I’ve been brainstorming what to write about over the next 4-5 months.

But in the meantime, I’ve been studying up on football formations, concepts, etc. to bring a more comprehensive approach to my writing for next season. I currently have 10 football books in my cart on Amazon to purchase when I get some money. Their concepts will be read and applied thoroughly.

As far as the other sports on CW Sports Blog are concerned, I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll be covering over the next few months.

Let me start by saying that I’ll be writing March Madness posts in the coming weeks. College basketball has the best postseason in all of sports, so it would be silly of me not to cover it. I’ll start with some conference tournament coverage (mostly the Power 6 conference, but a few mid-major conferences as well), and then post a bracket or two after Selection Sunday, and then I’ll pick the tournament games. That’s less than a week away!

I made my first soccer post after the African Cup of Nations ended in February. Now with all confederations going through World Cup qualifying at the end of the month, there will be a ton of updates in that respect. I’ve been mulling over the idea of covering club soccer as well, but it’s unlikely that I’ll make any posts unless they pertain to international soccer as well.

And for MMA, it’s more of the same. The updated UFC Ladder for March will be coming within the next week, and I’ll also be writing about UFC 157 next weekend. I know that I’ve missed recaps of the last three UFC events, but I’ll pick it back up with 157.

I’ll also be writing a few pieces here or there for Bleacher Report/Yahoo! whenever the time calls for them.  As usual, if anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to post it.


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