UFC 156 Recap


The UFC is off to a phenomenal start in 2013, giving us good cards and exciting fights. UFC 156 was no different. Let’s review:

No Controversy Here

Once Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar finished five rounds of back and forth action, I could feel the tension of those watching the fight from around the country. But there was no controversy surrounding the final scorecards: two judges scored the fight 49-46, while a third scored it 48-47 all in favor of Aldo. The result was, by all professional accounts, correct (most had it 48-47, as did I).

But the simple fact that former lightweight champion was involved and competed was the source of the controversy. Ever since his first fight with BJ Penn in Abu Dhabi, Frankie Edgar’s decision scorecards have been in dispute. Back at said event (UFC 112), one of the judges gave Edgar all five rounds against “The Prodigy”, but other than that scorecard, there wasn’t really a ton of dispute. It was a close fight and one that I thought Edgar won.

But in the rematch, he left no doubt, dominating the bout en route to a 50-45 unanimous decision. Then we get into the second and third Gray Maynard fights, which ended in a draw and then a 4th round KO by Edgar in the rubber match.

Benson Henderson? Similar story, except Henderson clearly won the first fight. The rematch, however, wasn’t so clear. Henderson won two scorecards 48-47, while Edgar won the third 49-46. More controversy for the former champion.

Regardless, Edgar’s resiliency and mid-fight adjustments are in a league of their own. For about the fifth consecutive fight, Edgar stumbled out of the gate, only to gradually improve as he opponent wilted down the stretch. This is indisputable. But whether he does enough to win those rounds is another story.


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