Christopher’s Picks – Week 8

Now we’ve reached a head in the NFL season. This is where teams really start to pull ahead or fall behind the rest of the league. Therefore benchings, firings, etc. will not only occur pretty often, they’ll be justified.

The trade deadline is on Tuesday as well. Teams really looking to shake it up may choose to do so that way. Big midseason trades aren’t all that common, but with the deadline two weeks later now, it does give teams more insight into what they really need.

(Yes, I’m talking about Carolina.)

And that’s about all I have this week. Let’s pick. Last week I was 11-2, bringing the season total to 63-41. Plenty of room for error there, so hopefully we’ll see a few upsets today.

Minnesota over Tampa Bay

Kind of like this one. Minnesota came out flat and could never take a hold of the game. Christian Ponder’s great start to the season is long gone now.

San Diego over Cleveland

If Cleveland can pressure Rivers into making mistakes and Weeden gets some help from his receivers, Cleveland could steal this. But I don’t see it happening. San Diego needs this game badly.

Seattle over Detroit

Seattle has been pretty unspectacular away from home, but Detroit has been pretty unspectacular as a whole. I’m taking Seattle’s defense and Marshawn Lynch to carry them.

Chicago over Carolina

After nullifying Calvin Johnson and the Lions last week, the Bears are looking more like the division champion Bears I predicted before the season. Carolina, meanwhile, is not. And it’s only going to get worse.

Green Bay over Jacksonville

Green Bay is slowly, but surely, coming around. No Charles Woodson will hurt them down the road, but the Jags aren’t offering much at receiver anyways.

Tennessee over Indianapolis

In order for this pick to have any chance, Chris Johnson has to get going early and often. I can’t see the Titans winning any other way.

New England over St. Louis

What a three-game stretch for the Rams. Green Bay last week, New England in London, and then the 49ers off of their bye week. Yikes.

Miami over New York Jets

It sounded crazy before the season started, but Miami has weapons on offense. Way more than the Jets have. With both defense playing “just OK” football, it comes down to Bush and Tannehill for me.

Philadelphia over Atlanta

The fact that Andy Reid is 13-0 after bye weeks is good. But when a dome team goes outside with a hurricane on the way, things change. Philadelphia turns the ball over anyways and can, for the most part, overcome it. For the upset!

Pittsburgh over Washington

Lost in the RGIII craze is the fact that Washington 1) committed four turnovers last week, 2) is last in their division, and 3) started 3-4 last season with Rex Grossman under center as well. Griffin is good, but the Redskins still aren’t. Roethlisberger should have a big day through the air.

Oakland over Kansas City

Someone has to win this one. And though Chiefs fans are happy with Brady Quinn having a chance to play, I don’t like their chances any more.

New York Giants over Dallas

I want to believe that Dallas has finally turned the corner in some way. I really do. But when you’re schizophrenic for so long, it’s hard to have faith. The Giants will be looking to avenge their home-opening loss.

Denver over New Orleans

The Saints are showing signs of life, but their games are still too close. Denver on the other hand, is the team that we thought they would be with Peyton Manning under center. He’s having an MVP season and they’re only getting better.

San Francisco over Arizona

I want to pick Arizona to upset at home, but with what? What advantage do they have over the Niners? I just can’t do it.

Record (Week): 9-5

Record (Season): 72-46


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