Christopher’s Picks – Week 6

Another week of great games is on tap for us. Only division games this week, but many games that are important to division races.

Let’s start with the division games. One of them is Cincinnati traveling to Cleveland (SPOILER ALERT: I’m picking Cincinnati). The other is a Monday night matchup between the best in the AFC West. San Diego are currently at the top of the division, while Denver is only a game behind. The winner will move into first.

Two other divisions to watch today will be the AFC East and the NFC West. All eight of the teams will be in action and all eight are either leading the division or a game behind. Pretty high stakes for just non-divisional Week 6 games. Even better is that three of them are going head-to-head this week (New England-Seattle, Buffalo-Arizona, and St. Louis-Miami).

Now let’s pick. Last week I went 11-3, bringing my record for the season to 47-30. Steady improvement, folks.

Pittsburgh over Tennessee

The week after I give Tennessee one of the Top 3 picks in next year’s draft, they go out and stun Pittsburgh. The Steelers may be worse off than we thought.

Atlanta over Oakland

Even an Oakland Raiders team coming off a bye week has little shot to give Atlanta their first loss. And with Atlanta at home, anything other than a win will be a shock.

Cincinnati over Cleveland

Cleveland will win a game or two this year. That’s a guarantee. Will this be their first? Unlikely.

Miami over St. Louis

A better game than it looks on paper. The Rams defense is getting into a good rhythm, but they have to find a way to win on the road. Today could be the day, but I’m taking Miami in a close one.

Indianapolis over New York Jets

Am I slightly overconfident in Andrew Luck’s abilities after last week? Absolutely. Will it stop me from picking him to win over a so-so Jets defense? Nope.

Philadelphia over Detroit

This could be a turnover convention, but Philadelphia does well in those situations. With that backwards logic, I’m taking the Eagles again.

Tampa Bay over Kansas City

I can see both of these teams in the bottom five at the end of the season. But someone has to win, right? I’ll take Josh Freeman over Brady Quinn any day.

Baltimore over Dallas

Both Tony Romo and the Ravens defense are catching flak this season. But one of them has to step up and I’m putting my money on Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

Arizona over Buffalo

Great bounceback game for the Cardinals. Fresh off their first loss, but still tied for the division lead. This game may be tougher than it looks.

New England over Seattle

Seattle’s defense is playing well, but I don’t see Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense moving the ball on New England. Brady will find a way.

San Francisco over New York Giants

The NFC Championship rematch. New York came into Candlestick Park and won last season, but I don’t think the Niners will let that happen again.

Minnesota over Washington

Washington’s defense is in for a treat today. A dangerous treat of Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, but it will be a treat to watch.

Houston over Green Bay

Green Bay is good enough to dig down deep and steal this game, but I’m not picking against the Texans yet. Matt Schaub should move the ball with ease against their defense anyways.

Denver over San Diego

Asking “who has San Diego has played yet?” is an indirect way of saying “I think that they’re overhyped”. With that said, Denver’s losses have a combined record of 14-1.

Record (Week): 5-9

Record (Season): 52-39


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