Christopher’s Picks – Week 5

I noticed something…interesting about the trend of drafting quarterbacks and specifically starting those quarterbacks early. In each the past two seasons, five rookie quarterbacks have ended up starting in their first season. If the trend continues, that means that at least five teams could be in the market for a quarterback early in the draft. Here are the best bets:

Kansas City: Matt Cassel recently signed a new contract, his job is far from safe.

Oakland: Love Carson Palmer, but he’s still turning the ball over way too much. Bringing in a mobile QB into their already-fast offense would be a joy to watch.

Cleveland: The easiest choice of the five. I like Brandon Weeden too (and believe that Cleveland just needs a first receiver), but his age (29) gives him a much shorter leash than your average rookie under center.

New York Jets: Sanchez? Tebow? McElroy? If the Jets tank, they may choose none of the above.

Buffalo: Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t on the hot seat yet but if a good quarterback fell into their laps, they’d be smart to take him. Especially if Fitzpatrick’s turnover problem worsens.

Now let’s pick. I went 11-4 last week, bringing my season total to 36-27. Lots of good teams on the road could make things interesting this week, however.

St. Louis over Arizona

Thursday night versus a good home team? Perfect combination for a Rams win.

Cincinnati over Miami

Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins offense continue to improve each week, but I like the Bengals at home.

Green Bay over Indianapolis

Playing in Indianapolis could make things a little more interesting, but I don’t see Green Bay losing this one. Charles Woodson feasts on rookie QBs.

Baltimore over Kansas City

Baltimore’s defense hasn’t looked as formidable this season, but the Chiefs’ offense turns it over quite often.

New York Giants over Cleveland

This one has to be the lock of the weekend. The Browns just don’t have the tools to succeed on offense.

Philadelphia over Pittsburgh

I changed this pick at the last minute. Why? No clue. But Philadelphia has defied logic all season. Pittsburgh losing after a bye could be cause for Steelers fans to panic.

Atlanta over Washington

It will come down to Atlanta’s defense. If they bottle up the Redskins early, the score could get ugly. If not…

Seattle over Carolina

This one comes down to Carolina’s run defense. If they can prevent Marshawn Lynch from breaking and missing tackles, they’ll win. I just don’t see it happening.

Chicago over Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s in a similar boat with Cleveland. Outside of Maurice Jones-Drew, they don’t have many players capable of opening the game up. Chicago has momentum following their Monday night win.

Minnesota over Tennessee

They’re 3-1 and utilizing their two strongest weapons on offense (Peterson and Harvin). This Vikings offense is finally playing to their full potential.

New England over Denver

Manning vs. Brady, but a new feel. Still can’t complain. Why I see New England winning is because of Tom Brady. Peyton gives Denver a better chance to beat the Pats, but did you see what Brady did to Denver’s defense last season? Should be more of the same this time around.

San Francisco over Buffalo

Buffalo’s 2-2 and tied for the division lead. But San Francisco’s in a different class.

New Orleans over San Diego

If the Saints can’t win this one, I’ll officially write them off. Last week, they need to right the ship. This week, they just need to earn respect.

Houston over New York Jets

It doesn’t matter who’s under center for the Jets – it won’t stop Matt Schaub from passing all over their defense.

Record (Week): 11-3

Record (Season): 47-30


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