Weekly NFL Features

Just a little update on what’s to come.

As of right now, my picks are the only weekly posts that I’ve been making, but that’s about to change. I tried to make the most of NFL Game Rewind and watch every game a week, but I’m realizing now that’s it just isn’t happening. I get around to watching four or five a week on NFL.com, so 16 is definitely out of the question. I think I’m going to call it *drumroll*…Game Rewind.

What I’m planning on starting this week is more than manageable, however. I’ll watch and post write-ups for five games a week (Thursday night, Sunday, night, Monday night, and two games of my choosing). I may add an extra game or two some weeks, but this allows me to watch a game a day on Game Rewind; much better than the three I’ve been planning since the start of the season.

I’m also planning a weekly recap of the league as a whole for Tuesday or Wednesday mornings (haven’t decided which day yet). This way I can have all of the games at my disposal as opposed to writing on Monday with the MNF game that night. The difference between this and the five games a week is that the weekly recap won’t contain much in the way of X’s and O’s. More articles.

My version of the NFL Power Rankings (The NFL Ladder) is still coming up, likely after Week 5. It’ll be based more on how teams look than their actual record (so no, Philadelphia wouldn’t get a great rating). I’ll update that every few weeks, once I start it.

I’ll also have a post a week about NFL trends or something cool that I noticed (e.g.. a hot player or cold player). Those will be sporadic.

I’m also working on a few HOF Worthy articles at the moment. No telling when they’ll be finished, but I haven’t forgotten about them.

I think I’ve covered all the bases for now. Stay tuned!


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