NFL Season Posts

I’ve been working a ton lately and haven’t had time to do much of anything. But with work ending this coming week and school beginning next week, I’ll finally have time to write again. And with school right around the corner, so too is the NFL season!

Don’t let the MMA-heavy posts fool you –  if you’ve ever followed one of my past blogs, you’d know that they are mostly NFL-centric. This one will be no different.

In the past, I’ve focused on the Panthers. While I still obsess over them, don’t expect to see many articles pertaining to just them on here (Bleacher Report is another story, but I’ll link those when the time comes). But on here, the plan is to write about every game, meaning that every team will get their share of the spotlight.

I purchased NFL Game Rewind Season Plus yesterday, so I’ll be able to watch every game throughout the week, leading up to the next. I plan on taking advantage of that steal of a deal. If you’re as obsessive about the game I am, I highly recommend buying it as well.

So, by the time Week 2 rolls around, there will be an article for every Week 1 game. It may seem unrealistic, but think about it:

  • Every Sunday, I watch all or most of five games live: the 1pm game in my market, the 4:30 game, the doubleheader, the primetime game, and whenever Carolina plays.
  • I’ll have time to replay a game or two online before the Monday nighter.
  • Then I have Tuesday-Saturday to watch the other ten or so games (a different kind of two-a-days).

Easy. Throw in the Thursday night games starting Week 2 and it’s even more manageable.

Christopher’s Picks will be up before the week’s action begins. I’m not huge on season predictions, but I do enjoy picking which teams will win each week. I won’t include score or anything (I don’t see the point), but I’ll write about why I expect each team to win.

I also like to make the same picks on ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and other sports sites to see how good (or bad) I am as the season progresses.

I’m thinking of having some kind of Power Ranking on here as well. Similar to the UFC Ladder (which will be out September 2nd), it will be grouped rather than numbered. It won’t be weekly either. I’ll likely start around Week 4 or 5 and put out a new one every four or five weeks. I prefer that method because it serves more rise/drop-off than a weekly ranking. So last year’s Bills would have started high and plummeted, while the Bengals would have done the opposite. I’ll try to think of a better name than the NFL Ladder, but it sticks for now.

So those will be the three weekly columns. Of course, there will be a few things in between, but what I have now is already a handful. Only 18 more days until the opener!


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