The UFC Ladder

I want to do MMA Rankings for the different weight classes, but the usual “Top 10 in every division” concept bores me. It also isn’t very practical, for a few reasons:

1) Champions play a large role. The middleweight division’s title picture is much different than that of the lightweight division. Depending on the reign of the champion, 8th-ranked fighter in a division may have a quicker road to the title than the 2nd-ranked fighter. When a champion has cleaned out his weight class, those closest to the title can look much different than a Top 10 list would indicate.

2) Every weight class is different. Not all have fighters who can consistently put together quality wins. The smaller classes also suffer from good fighters who are relatively unknown to casual fans. At times it can affect who gets a title shot, but it won’t factor into the ladder.


The UFC Ladder will be different for each weight class. Some divisions could have four or five fighters, others could have as many as ten. I’ll update them monthly. The groups and their classifications will be something like this:


  • The current belt holder. If a division has an interim champion, they’ll be included as well.


  • Fighters who I feel are a win or two away from a title shot.
  • If a champion’s next fight has already been confirmed, their opponent will be here.
  • Fighters coming off of a loss to a champion could go here as well, depending on the circumstances.

In The Discussion

  • Fighters who are not quite in the title picture, but are among the more successful in their division.
  • Fighters coming off of a loss to a champion could go here as well, depending on the circumstances.

On The Rise

  • Lower-tier fighters who are performing well and look ready for a step up in competition.
  • Normally reserved for rising fighters. Past Champions, Contenders, or In The Discussion’s ineligible.

(View the most recent ladders)


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