HOF Worthy

I posted a question in a sports group on Facebook a few months ago after the retirement of Steelers WR Hines Ward. While I consider myself a Hines Ward fan, I don’t consider him a Hall of Famer. A number of members strongly agreed with me and I did my best to explain why I thought so. The conversation is now buried on the group wall, but it was something along the lines of:

1) I didn’t consider him a top receiver in the league long enough to really warrant entry.

2) Great receivers in Cris Carter and Tim Brown are currently struggling to get in.

3) Two more receivers will be added to the consideration list in the coming years (Terrell Owens and Randy Moss).

4) As the league becomes more pass-heavy, more receivers will eventually enter the fray and jump the line.


This debate is the main inspiration of “HOF Worthy”. This section will be more of what makes a Hall of Famer, as opposed to who I feel should be in the Hall of Fame (but there will be some of that, too). I’ll also discuss other features of Canton, such as the actual selection process, the HOF voters, etc.


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